Speech-Language Pathologist since 1971

Expert Witness (Forensic Speech-Language Pathology)

I have been doing work as an expert witness (forensic speech-language pathology) in medical-legal cases since 1987.  I am asked by attorneys in California and other states to provide expert opinions after reviewing case records and evaluating individuals, as well as provide testimony during depositions, court hearings, and court trials.  I have been on the witness stand for up to 2½ hours at a time being examined and cross examined.  I have attended workshops on court testifying as an expert witness and have been trained by attorneys and judges on how to handle myself during hostile questioning by opposing attorneys.  I have been retained by both defense and plaintiff attorneys.  (Note: All but one case in which I have been involved have been settled or won by the side that retained me.)  

Because of my academic teaching in anatomy, physiology, neurology and neuropathology, detailed information is readily available to me for presentations in court.  Also, because of my private practice
and work in hospitals, I maintain my clinical expertise with a variety of types of clients and patients.

I have written articles on court testifying as an expert witness for our professional literature and have
presented seminars on the topic at national and international conferences.